2016: Portraits of a Semi​-​Intentionally Failed Musician

by Sauce is Matisse

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A collection of FREE singles to be updated throughout the year of 2016!


released January 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Sauce is Matisse Charlottesville, Virginia

"Sauce is Matisse" is a rapper based in Charlottesville, VA inspired by both underground and mainstream music across all genres. His work showcases a sound between raw hip-hop and the most technical metal outfits.

After being described as a mental paradox, he was given the advice to “contain” that paradox in order to allow all sides of himself to coexist.

He has done this through music.
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Track Name: The New Bootleg
I'm older, a loner, alone and I quote the Joker
The pale moonlight glows, showing growing and open ulcers
I know I don't know the road and so I'm on the shoulder
And I'm over this whole shindig, over vocals, so I'll close her
But I'm learning to love as I'm burning em up in a furnace of fucks that I won't give
I'm perky and pumped as I'm turning me up because surely not one of you knows this
I'm so pissed, go figure, this is hopeless
Cuz nobody living'll listen to spit from a cynical, pissy, but dope kid
It's no act, this is so fact, no swag
I don't stack dough, racks or bones, yo it's so sad
No active tactics fashioned for some faux flash
All I got's this rap, this passion, and oh, my gonads
Hustle is something I wanted but nothing I've done is enhancing my views
Cuz nothing's enough when you're stumbling under the gun of your lucky and vanishing youth
The damn truth is I ain't managed to be the man, dude
Dammit I'm moody, I'm manic in music, a fan of the stupid, ya mans doomed
Cuz I ain't playing when im saying I'm insane and
I been making every day a day to wake up writing mayhem
Create it then display it cuz I made it, find a playlist
I'm making up for ancient Tisse in cages, I'm escaping
I do it to do it, I'm doing the Dew as I'm fueling my goose egg
I knew that I blew it as soon as I stupidly grew up confused, dead
But I ain't losing it, the looney bins the booth, get it?
Use it or lose it, I'm moving to music, I'm loose and I'm doing it bootleg
Track Name: Rambling
I'm mourning (morning) while you're munching up the nuts in your cereal
So I'm fucking up a beat, I'll bust a nut in your stereo
The glaringly apparent scenario is inherently errant though
I'm fairly old, but prepared to flow
I'm ready, poised with that poison, that toxic
Don't get annoyed, but your boy's on that hot shit
It's like my voice is on steroids, watch me
God I talk a lotta noise, but not hearing won't stop me
I'm going til I'm worn and decrepit
Sore and dependent on ignoring, avoiding a motion to end it, I don't regret it
Broken dentures are my only incentive to go to dentists
So my throat is sick, my vocals are tetanus
Vaccinate, act your age
Bad habits have to stay, Matt's apt to rap deranged
I'm flashing and masturbating in the masquerade
This savage dashing display is all that I have to say, okay?
Fuck nah, silence ain't the way we do it
I play naive and stupid, but I stay my lethal, rude and
Taboo self, hell if I'm selling out for Matthew's health
I don't wanna melt to a shell of myself and lose felt
Feelings, even though i want em all to shut up
I don't wanna beef with Matisse so I leave him cut up
Myself and I and me tryna not be a fuck up
But I'm in too deep, when I mention Tisse, I'm dying in this son of a bitch
Track Name: Cat Video
[Verse 1]
I spit punchlines like my flow is Coke and I'm the Kool-Aid dude
I wrote these vocals so my tone is lying, fooling you
I'm loosey-goosey, lucid dreaming, high on Go Go Juice
Honey Boo-Boo child is the totem I aspire to
I admire goof and those with awful filters
I am wired loopy, my emotion's off-kilter
It's difficult to kill a killer dealing with familiar
Feelings, all these spitters tryna fill it up with filler
I strive to be equivalent to Miley Cyrus giving shits
My entire mischievous desires why I'm scripting this
I might be into it, or I might be innocent
Either way I'm intricately intimate in hearing this

SONG, is painfully AWKWARD, hate to be BOTHERED
Pay for weak CONCERTS, stay to meet ROCKERS
Praise the freak MONSTERS, hate to be WRONG
But play my free SONGS, Y'ALL are AWESOME
But I ain't a cat video
Gotta make a cat video
I'ma take it back so listen yo
Got I hate cat videos

[Verse 2]
My rhyme's hot like a deviled egg frying on pavement
On another summer day but my fire is wasted
Rappers all are cocky dicks like venereal placement
Only care about the fame but are barely a basic bitch
...I pay my rent like a grownup
Everyday regretting what I spent on a donut
The flow nuts, so robust, I woke up, and throw up
Ya know what? ...I know I won't fucking blow up
I don't really care about my whereabouts in rap
The only thing I care about is tearing up a track
Aware I've fucking had it with comparing me to classics
Fact is Matt's sick, but I'm barely even average, a

[Verse 3]
They're saying SOS, maybe mayday here
Cuz the game ain't paying for your fake career
When everybody in the underground say they sear
Everybody in the underground say it's their year, NOPE.
It ain't gonna happen, take it back
Cuz everything you say sounds fake as crap
Claiming youre classic in your vacant facts
I hate that I'm a rapper but I'm made to rap
...In a sea of words, I got awk
But I'm Doo Ok's descendant, so who wants Sauce?
Dude's hip-hop bars are proof that y'all logging
Views is not all that proves a hot song, my
Track Name: My Former Self
[Verse 1]
Now I ain't never been a god of nothing
So don't align me with a deity
See I been dying to hold onto something
And all this rhyming helps me stay at ease
I'm having fun because I'm not a puppet
And I do what I want to when I please
But I would bet you'd make a harsh assumption
If I were to tell you that I'm making these
Raps cuz I'm tryna be a better person mentally
Settling for whatever's trending selling is never me
But paranoia cuts my checks in every measure, meaning
Every time I wreck a beat I bet it's never meant to be
Murmurs in mayhem, I murder verses verbatim
But every word I gurgle up burns the dirt that I lay in
So all I'm saying is I'm pained within this hurricane
This is the only way thats worked delaying Kurt Cobaining

This is what I woulda done as my former self
Wicked water, looking young, but ignore my health
This is what I woulda done as my former self
Lemme love it, lemme run from my former self

[Verse 2]
A fluid group of human tissue, look who I grew into
A looney loser loose in his groovy rhythm, I miss youth
I guess I'm good at this music mission I've been through
But what about the business I'm missing? I get the hint dude
I'm bout to blow a black hole through this space-time
1100 decibels, Matt's vocals and bassline
I know I'm acting openly assholeish and haywire
Brain ain't been the same since I sat home and filleted rhymes
Sinner's spitting dope...so is this kid alone?
Isn't what he's written his friend when he's feeling low?
I had to go and open my throat so hope could cement my soul
And now I've spoke a heavy portfolio of my mental woes
This isn't literal, really it's in the process
Penning's how I vent, this is penance, pitiful progress
So as you witness this, it isn't bout that largesse
The heart of this starving artist is cynical and farfetched

[Verse 3]
I keep on rapping cuz I fucking love it
No I ain't chasing any big lights
I need the passion or I suffer sunken
Deep in this abyss, so I'ma spit life
I see these people walk around dead
Solely a shell of what they once were
I believe it's lethal when the sound sets
So my former self is fucking unheard
Track Name: Can't Pipe Down
This song is for anyone who's dying to speak
Or for anyone who's in their head and trying to leave
I've settled my regrets and I'm inspired to lead
So if you need it, keep your eyes on me

[Verse 1]
I'm bout to be the muthafucka
Curb-stomped, turned off
Bullied by the beef and ballers stern talk
Stern talk? nerds gone
I'm hurting when I heard them but my first, thought's
Eat, tell the mufuckas I eat
I'm a glutton and I hunger, stay in the dirt behind me
Can't nobody sell 'em but I'm bumpin my beats
Come on turn em up and get to jumping like me
Chuh...I got it mufucka I'ma go for it
Over 10 years but got nothing to show for it
"Nope" I aint in it for the business but I'm dope boiii
I been the most inventive since the minute that I wrote
What I spoke, good lawwd, lemme testify
Embellished televangelists left to die
They selling hella stanzas, left and right
But I'd rather be a fan than regret my life

[Chorus ]
I'm underestimated, overeducated
And I can't relate to anybody in the game right now
I'm mainly underrated, I aint faking like I made it
But I came to make a statement and I can't pipe down
...And I can't pipe down
I came to make a statement and I can't pipe down
...nah I can't pipe down
And ! reckon I'ma rip it right now

[Verse 2]
I wanna be the one to spit the
First, verse, with a sure smirk
Like a sermon but you're worried bout the curse words
Curse words? bitch I heard, worse
I learned that a wordsmith works in a hearse
I'm dead, dammit mufucka I'm dead
Scrambling for funding, got a bullet in the breast
I'm bleeding on the beat, but believe in my breath
Bet I'm breathing my release, every reason I am
My music, come on mufucka, I'ma use it
Early pushing 30, but I'm sure that I'm a youth, kid
...some say that it's stupid to pursue this
And loose lips lose, listen, lucrative? Screw this
Awww...let the stress subside
If real recognize real, then forget your lies
I'm better off free, never petrified
So I'ma rock 'n' roll, reach, and caress the sky

[Verse 3]
I've been trying all my life to write a
Hype song, lights off
Im blinded by the sight but I'ma right wrongs
Right wrongs? Nice yall
Enlightenment is heightened by the pipe? Naw but its
Hot, I get it mufucka I'm not
I never been a bit of that, I'm bitter, I rot
The sentiments of sinners sever sediment, I rock
But I'm locked in a box, be it coffin or thought
Whoa...I'll show you mufuckas I know
How to roll with the beat, every punch in the flow
One or two quotes I roughed up as I wrote
Become a rumble off my tongue from my mufuckin throat
Yo...but yall molest the rhyme
You're showing no respect for the mesmerized
Am I set to thrive or am I pesticide?
I'll never be a veteran but let's decide
Track Name: F.U.N.
[Verse 1]
All the young kids got it incorrect
Yeah I rap but I ain't after any checks, wanna bet?
Mufucking flunking's what you're getting on the test
Cuz this student dude'll school you and then put you to bed, go to sleep bitch
Large Marge sent me hard bars and I'm spitting 'em
Sharp shard remarks mar the dark when I lit it up
Art scars artists when their heart's in their vision, pumped
I don't need a buck; I just want my bike, minimum
Fuck a walk in public, I'm stripping down to nothing
Thumbs rubbing on my buttocks like I'm shitting out a tough brick
I'm running out of gumption, nothing seems to cut it
I've been pumping out the ruckus but I'm fumbling for something, fuck this

[Bridge 1]
The head on me's telling me give it up (give it up)
But my spirit is telling me live it up (live it up)
I hope to god I'm no wannabe, I embody dichotomy
But I'm fond of my honesty and it's fun (fun)

I do it for the fun, I do it for the fun
I do it cuz I mufuckin love it and it's fun
I do it for the fun, I do it for the fun
I do it cuz I mufuckin love it and it's fun
No I don't expect you to know my mind
But I expect respect when I flow my rhymes
For the fun, I do it for the fun
I do it cuz I mufuckin love it and it's fun

[Verse 2]
This here Wizard spits the purest flow while shitting in the urinal
Wiggling my dick instead of pissing, now it's personal
Sure the kid is versatile while working with the words he knows
So who else have you heard to spit a verse this sure to murder? "No one..."
You can't see none (Cena) of me world, why (wide) wrestle with it?
Underground's bumping, so fuck it! Suck it, I'm never "winning"
Nothing, I love it, I'd be upset if I regret this spitting
...I'm never letting go of decibels, bet that
I been on top of my shit like a recent defecation
I'm bleeding dedication every evening when I stay lit
Face it, ain't shit changed from in the basement
I stay making hits, insane, now I'ma play this

[Bridge 2]
The truth is I do this to lift me up (lift me up)
Cuz the music is soothing me, listen up (listen up)
It's my flawless philosophy how I rock in cacophony
Often solving my problems because it's fun (fun)

[Verse 3]
I do this for amusement, I never been to no club
It's crucial to my mood, getting me up out the doldrums
I do it cuz I do it and I'm doing it too dope bruh
...Cue the music and tune in, who listens? Nobody

[Bridge 1]
The head on me's telling me give it up (give it up)
But my spirit is telling me live it up (live it up)
I hope to god I'm no wannabe, I embody dichotomy
But I'm fond of my honesty and it's fun (fun)
Track Name: Punk (I'm Coming)
[Verse 1]
I've pondered whats my pitch to be an Internet sensation
I call these godly marketers 6th Internet sense Asian
Cuz it's data and it's dedicated, intricate and patient
But with every waking day I strain to pick up with the patience, but
Every time I feeling like the slightest hint of doubt
I just keep on fucking writing so my light don't fizzle out
"How?" Like fuck the writer's block, I'm writing this out loud
I might be likely in the crowd, but I'm a fighter and I'm proud, wow
I sound pathetic, get a sedative, tether my head in
I never measured a success for any record, get it?
This debt is heavy and perpetually burying heaven
Spare me your parodies cuz im clearly not hearing you dammit
I'm using music as a tool to cool my hothead brewing
I've been doing lots of stupid nonsense for this convoluted
Plot that I've concocted but my wallet since has not been moving
...I gotta stop before I'm rotting in hiphop, I knew it, fuck

Now see I been going through a lot of nuisances improving this
And stupidly I do insist that this isn't about money
While tryna bootleg it I lose like a lunatic
I've proven that I'm through with it like this isn't allowed, buddy
So buttfuck it...I ain't tryna do club hits
I ain't rhyming to front and shit, I ain't tryna prove nothing
Every tune that I'm humming is searing fuel as I'm running
On nothing, it's guzzled up again, I'm nearing 100, I'm coming
I'm coming, I'm coming
All you mufuckin punks stunting better run cuz I'm coming
I'm coming, I'm coming
Nah I'm just fuckin with you I ain't going nowhere, I don't want it

[Verse 2]
No I aint coming for that number one spot
Cuz there's all these hungry youngins with that dumb shit on lock
Im Caucasian and asian, aging, I'm ancient and hating the clock
And I'm okay not making it so haters can play with the cock
I don't got a gimmick so I guess I'm not in it to win it
I'ma just spit what I think and not give a shit about image
Steady belligerent with hit after hit as I spit it
Livid at the lack of listeners that I'm getting, ya dig it?
I'm kinda bitter like im sweet and sour, salty
But Soy Sauce sizzles, so my vocals go with all beats
Overload on sodium, I'm altogether raw, keeping
Feeling in a song, flavor's all you're getting off me
I wanna rock the boat, cocky like I lock and load
I should proly stop cuza my job, but I been on a roll
smarter than an honor roll, I'm honest, i want you all to know
That all the flows and bars I've got are awesome not so modest, so dope
Track Name: My Laboratory ft. illAnoise
[Verse 1]
I'm odd so I can't even, I rock like a damn heathen
I'm modest but honest, this sauce is confident you can't beat him
Uncommon rawness in these bars, I'm talking rare meat, I'm
Sorry you are what you eat, Im scarfing down these damn demons
A mad scientist, I'm eyeing these rhymes and I'm tryna
Splice 'em, giving life to a line thats inspired by Frankenstein
Monstrous...honest to God its like I can't be silenced
try it, I'll just tear the hairy tape off like a band aid, violent
I gather vials and a myriad of test tubes
Beakers and bunsen burners, the lyrics are experiments
Used by yours truly infused with the best music
Get stupid, lose it, next to your friends room
It's horror story and I'm Dr. Montgomery
And my music's my dead baby, I don't think you can stomach me
Glasgow grinning, awful Dahlia, my funny cheeks'll
Open ear to ear when I hear a lyric spun from me

In my laboratory I do experiments
And I'm exploratory, I need my air to vent
In my laboratory I do experiments
The moral of the story is a morbid sentiment
I do experiments

[Verse 2]
Crafting concoctions, I'm in the lab way too often
Coughing in exhaustion, all my trials being tossed in
With trash every night, so I need to get it right
Like I'm Walter White writing lyrics for y'all to bite
I'm not just on the mic, I'm on a mission
To be the hardest spitting artist with the lyricism
So I decided to go ahead, experiment on myself
Reached up to grab a vial, knocked the pile off the shelf
The outcome was too crazy to believe
The virus released made some new type of disease
Some got in me, knocked me unconscious
When I woke up, all I wanted was carnage
Like my name was Freddy, you can't dream of beating me
No secrecy, I feed off of you weak MCs
Mad scientist, rule the game with an iron fist
My desire is to spit fire til I expire, bitch

Gimme the scalpel, gimme the sponge
Gimme the scalpel, now gimme the sponge
Track Name: Oddity ft. D. Riddle
[Verse 1]
If you don't like me, I'm alright with that
It's cool I don't like you back, it's true, you don't like the fact
I keep it real and the truth hurts, like Scrooge with a cool smirk
I'm laughing at your pain, I'm a true jerk
I'm not your ordinary type of guy
Cuz I don't curse in all my raps or fabricate cause I don't like to lie
I don't talk about guns, drugs, or women
I been there yeah I done did it, can't follow you cause I'm different
I'm in my own lane speeding down the freeway
I never been the type that say what he say or she say
Some people tell me I should dumb it down
If I was to stand on a corner I would be the coolest bum in town
Never the type to beg, put me on a list with Craig
Think I messed up cause I accidentally sold me meds
Now I'm Insane in the membrane
I feel some type of way I cant explain

I'm an oddity, I'm an oddity
While all of y'all are stalling following all the monotony
I'm an oddity, I'm an oddity
I gotta walk free and rock beats til we're all freaks

[Verse 2]
You know you've got a weight problem when slim fits too baggy, and hips sit too saggy
A misfit, "Who's Matty?" It's this kid, dude's snazzy
I've got it, got it? It's Gollum, it's not a costume, it's all of him
Comment all you want at this skinny tallness, my awkwardness
I'll fake it til I make it, lemme say it
I'm waking up deflated when I aim to be elated
The haters ain't awake yet, so Ima blame my brains biffs
Fists swinging and hitting me, crippling my sane sense
So I'm evasive, I'ma dodge a problem
All the awful rawness I've bottled up isn't positive
I'm shockingly uncommon with the thoughts I think and bars I spit
So following my train of thought is hard to get, do not commit
Just call it quits, I promise this is not the way
To rock a stage on holidays, my politics is walk away
All I'm saying is I'm odd and I don't got a name
I don't wanna fall in fame, my motto phrase is "Not today!!"

[Verse 3]
Oddity is what you're calling me
There's more to this artist than the rapper that you thought you'd see
Put two peas in a pod and watch em blow up
Can't stomach what I'm giving you, it make you wanna throw up
Why can they not fathom the madness that haunts Matthew?
Instead they just taunt, laughing right at me and launch fast food
As if it were cabbages at me after my staunch attitude
Rapping is lost in the hassle of hawked platitudes
Not today cuz I'm hot today
Where the competition? All my peers seem to flock away
They're like "This guy is a strange man!"
Ain't no cheat codes, I'm just switching up the game plan
I'm the oddest condiment sonically saucing all the hits
I gotta walk the walk, I'm a scholar of nonsense homonyms
And homophones in bars so I'm all alone as I mosh in pits
Posh and prim and proper and flossing? Or pauper, all a mess?
Track Name: Guilty
[Verse 1]
We are who we are, we see far through these stars
And each part of weak hearts that beat harbors deep scars
Keep it discreet, heated steam starts to leave far
We breathe hard, believe our beliefs are indeed ours
This intoxication started with our moderation
God-forsaken honest waiting compensates for lost relations
All the hatred, it dominates sane and calm bereavement
Small but painful altercations often make a coffin cave in
Laws and arrangements are but obstacles we gotta beat
So I'ma sleep here sonically and not compete with all you freaks
Honestly? I bet yall are all too weak to harness these
Our harbored demons, carnivores, arming me to the bars and teeth

Cuz I know what you did, I know where you've been
And I don't wanna hear your sick excuses
I know what you are, don't try and pretend
You made your bed, now lie in it
I am a liar
Hide like a liar
I am a liar
Lie like a liar
I am a liar
I am a liar

[Verse 2]
The winners write the history, scripted it through their ministry
But Listen, leaders' imagery really doesn't mean shit to me
"Mister Mean," diss a dream, ill-conceived delivery's
The only thrill I've built for me, a villain breathing listerine
FRESH...let me in your head and I'll offend you
Bending every rule that's ever meant proof and blessed you
"Bless you," sneeze at Matt, incensed truth, let loose
Livid dissonance, singing were screaming out obsessed, doomed
I sit in pitch black, fiddling with this rap
Riddled with debilitating illnesses, I'm sick, sad
Think back, give it a minute and let your lips laugh
Everything I'm living in you're living in, a crisp cackle
Gashes, haphazardly slashes the backdrop
A bad prop, a half-assed photoshop hack-job
Ad hoc, masking the madness that we've had locked
Latched under padlocks, Matt's haunts or mass thoughts?

[Verse 3]
If we can't be held responsible for all the ghosts of rotting hopes
Walking through the halls we roam, then all our notions are a joke
Ominous, haunting, horrible, a cough in all our throats
Knots in our fucking stomachs, vomit flows, that's all she wrote
Fall in the hole, buried deep, very dark
Unaware of the perilous leap our very thoughts dare embark
On, nearest to flare is a spark, there beneath our cherished art
Wearing our hearts on our sleeves, carrying on our facade
Wear the face of an angel
Disguise all the shame
Your innocent smile won't
conceal the mistakes
You think you’re so clever
You think you got it all worked out
You can’t hide forever
Track Name: Keep On Flowing Songs
[Verse 1]
Music's the best medicine, remedy that's been heaven-sent
Anything mentally detrimental's settled when I vent
Get it? My pen is a testament through all my redicent
Tendencies, letting me end up a better man, bet a man's
Never contended with anything readily penned by me
Steadily I heavily breathe, settled in ecstasy
I left behind lethargy to script a better record, reach in
Essence ethereal levels, bless an effervescent Tisse
...God I'm lofty, lemme take it down a ways
I'm altogether saucy, let the flavor drown your plate
Satisfy a savage appetite with rap and rowdy rage
Pack/Unwrap it, how it's made, Matt's a mouth and sound is safe
But i gotta say I've got a pretty sweet deal
A conceited defeatist needs to believe in each feeling
And feel it, the realest relief from an ailment's speech healing
I got it going on, I'll repeat it and keep speaking

Baby can't you see?
I've got it going on
Baby can't you see?
I've waited for so long
Baby can't you see?
I've got it going on
I know it might be wrong but
I gotta keep on flowing songs

[Verse 2]
Pen game? Dope. Spit game? Flows
Everybody says that I'm the best they know
Whatever I don't get it, pathetic, I'm never veteran
Level I let her get to me, the less they know the better
...that said, no regrets, no loss
I got it going on when I vent dope songs
The Kid don't floss, beef in teeth goes hard
And I bet I'd never be content speaking no Sauce
BOSS...c'mon everybody turn this fucker up
I want decibels shredding the sediment you're walking on
With that heavy metal pumped up merriment I've got
Yeah I know it might be wrong, but I'm buried in these thoughts
Awfully haunting me, but beats are a calming breeze
Come out by the pool and goof off with me, golly gee
I don't wanna be that gaudy G flaunting G's
All I wanna be is this Sauce and this harmony

[Verse 3]
I gotta keep on flowing songs
...take that, it's me and the track
Speaking of Matt, he's a beast with this rap
Feeding the facts that he's feeling to passionate
Pieces enacted to keep him intact
Track Name: 100 Reasons ft. Lou Ka$h & Niko the MC
I thought it was just a matter of time
Before I had 100 reasons not to think about you
But I do

One reason is you break me broke without funds
Cuz Singing is fun, but really shit has been tough
Keeping the budget under and saving money like an adult
I got nothing to show for all my vocals, spitting this sucks, uh
But I do jack shit else, sweltering while wack shit sells
affable Matthew is only half of this, I'm mad as hell
listen to my tracks and you can tell angers what matthew felt
For way too fucking long, and now it's all Ive come to rap about
And another reason is I seem to be failing
And not prevailing through these trials and tribulations that face me
making me, keep tryna be someone else who ain't me
But lately this same scene has prayed for me to break free
See I can think of like 99 different reasons
I should leave this scheme in the dust, peace out from each piece of
The puzzle, but something tugs me back under every season
I need to be in this hustle, the reason's to keep breathing
Track Name: Handbook for the Recently Deceased
[Verse 1]
Y'all digging up my grave plot in that grotto where I'm rotting cuz you wanna see me haunt em
God dammit lemme out, a reaper in a bottle...nice mufuckin model, hermano
Need a bioexorcist, bitch? I'm the best, I've been dead, but get this, I'm the shit
Juno don't want me gone from this prison that I'm in but get the rhythm ripping and the dead'll listen
Ya gotta get me outta this scene...1, 2, then I can bounce on 3
Evil lounges deep in these streets, speak and the demons' sound'll release me
Please...let me put it very simple, I get rid of the living like pushing puss outta pimples
I'm with you...my mischief fits a fistful of middle fingers flipped fully intended to insult
See I'm tryna write a rhyme to vibe with, but Thicke picked my style grinding Miley Cyrus
If I never died, I'd find em and I'd get violent, never let em live a lie like their mind's this stylish
And professional,so you'll never know a better ghost, am I theoretically heaven sent or a devil's dose?
Bet you'll never know, bless a kinetic flow, guests gonna say it 3 times, it's inevitable
Bask in my disdain, and I got that passionate display
Got that ghastly ghostly face, and I know I'm an ass hole, I'm a snake
Noxious gas provides that flame every time I craft a rhyme and rage
Raucous, crass, and I'm grimy, dangerous, I'm a mastermind from the grave, say it

Say my name, say my name
Say my name, I'm a hitless rapper straight to the grave, sing
If you are recently deceased, here's your handbook
It's the handbook, the God damn handbook

[Verse 2]
Yo, I got a tortured soul, I know this story's old
But the more it's told, then the more I grow
And the more I grow, then the more I'm potent
And the more I'm potent, the better the infectious venom is in the song
WHOA...so come on under with the shovel, show me that you've got the guts for this trouble
And I'll blow, I know I can muster up double what you wanted, but you uttered it, calling me triple, come on
So fuck off, you know I got hellish shit, a beer bellied hellion is better than a skeleton
Lemme get the helter, meld it with the skelter, and then develop a fellowship bellowing rebellion
Dig it up, anybody sickened by a lyric, go on spit it up
Give it up, you can never beat Beelzebub, Keaton's that demon, a beetle-man, keep it real and rough
Oh people, you feeling tough? See me test strength through the ceiling and up
Keep believing I'm a freak show fuck, keep a buck, I'm released and I'm feeling pumped
No keeping it low key, I'm a demon Loki
Know me? I'm a manic man of mischief, and I'm feeling so free
After hearing those people speaking their speech and repeating those three
Villainous syllables that are so me, I'm the ghost with the most so go and scream

[Verse 3]
Yo this is showtime, yeah this is go time
Oh this is flow time, croak and dig a hole time
Opening the coal mine, to fuel inhuman dope rhymes
And I'm so right, that I'm gon' die
As long as I vocalize I know that I've got no life
And though my throats dry, I know I s'posed to try
To show my emotions are potent, I've known this whole time
Spoken notes, they lied to me, I'm focused flowing and so alive
Track Name: Nightmares
This is a sweet dream slowly spun into a nightmare
I only wanted slumber, no unholy potent night terrors
The lights there, but it's glow is only slight
So my copious amounts of vocals focus on my life's fears
I'm Freddy Krueger in my music cuz you're sleeping on me
I need to speak alarming speech a lot cuz demons haunt me
I need an army just to deal with all these feelings taunting
I'm feeling weak and I fall asleep a lot cuz dreams are calling me
Better get ready to let it feed on my energy
Several feral heretics preachings infecting me
never regret the devilish speech through my set of teeth
Deafening R.E.M. is a blessing when I get to breathe
A narcoleptic insomniac is an oxymoronic concept
Inherently odd, conceptually farfetched, an honest problem
I'd swear to God I'm off my rocker and I'm dreaming, but I'm an artist aren't I?

Sweet dreams are made of these
Who am I to disagree?
Track Name: Forever
I'm an angel, but broken and painfully soft-spoken
Aching with all motions, patient with God, coping
The hate in my brain's potent and waking my thoughts, floating
Away in the stars motioning for Vader to walk over
Closer, fall over, face has fashioned a mask
Every wave I rap is a sado-masochist act
Making Matthew get mad but erasing the lad's past
And painting a vast masterpiece hanging in matts lab
Rad...I'll use a metaphor and make a better story
Sad, cuz all the letters pouring wetting measures bore me
Mad, is what my mental force is getting towards, tormenting
Tasks have weathered, worn me, begging for a gasp, RAP
I've been battered and broken, I call 'em beats
Half of me is rapid approaching my last sleep
But the other half is hoping my habit can hold me
Whole intact, and go back to the old me, before me

When angels fall with broken wings
I can't give up, I can't give in
When all is lost and daylight ends
I'll carry you and we will live forever

This audio it lifts me up to where I thought I'd go
With rock 'n' roll, I listen and bump it through all my obstacles
Vamanos, gotta get going, the hip-hop honor roll
Is popping full of comical nonsense, I'm bout to lock and load
...God I thought I was better, at least I used to be
Truthfully this music scene is brutal what it do to me
A frugal teen communicating fruitfully who grew to be
A stewing evil putrid beast who's spewing heat in tunes and speech
I can't stand what I've become, it's damn hellish
But every time a rhyme is belted I bellow angelic
I can't help it, swell up from this mellow man helpless
To relish in these feelings I've felt but I can't sell it
So to hell with it...but the music never left me
Never when I'm neck deep in regret did it ever rest asleep
Death, will it beget grief, severance or set me free?
Never will I ever be left leaping to bless Matisse

Why can't I beat this? I cry on high as I'm shrieking
I'm dying quiet and meek in these tired rhymes that I'm speaking
I lie alive in a peacefully pious fire, I'm freaking out
Finding viable pieces and tryna finally reap what I dreamed
Deafening, never has anything felt so heavenly
Blessings, regret, and this hellish effigy are meant to be
Meant to bleed, broken and fleeting is every measure's beat
Let me be, forever this carries me til the death of me
Track Name: Transform & Rollout
Yo I'm the dopest vocals y'all don't know about
So I'ma transform 'fore I roll out
I'm hoping folks'll notice what this flow's about
So I'ma transform 'fore I roll out
Yo I'm the dopest vocals y'all don't know about
So I'ma transform 'fore I roll out
So I'ma transform 'fore I roll out
Yo I'ma transform 'fore I roll out

[Verse 1]
I'm hiding behind a facade, nice but I'm frightfully odd
Quite the delightfullest type bright kid, my life's in a fog
Even if I had a hypeman right here to hype up a song
Y'all wouldn't bite because my hits' vibrance is silence and Sauce
Not many know cuz I don't throw vocals in Happy Meals
Opening your bag of fast food up to some rapping skills
But I don't give a crap bout half a mil, snagging a deal
Passionate feelings, fact is it fills Matthew, that is real
If mass appeal is the goal, then I'm hopeless
I know I'll never blow up round the globe as a vocalist
In showbiz, no shit, no buzzing like locusts
Ain't no motion rolling down the open road to show gigs

[Verse 2]
Writing I might be more than meets the eye, like I morphed in speech and rhyme
Seething like I mean it, I'm a beast or machine and wired
Scheming tryna creep like I'm a cretin, I can speak my mind
Shrieking live and lethal but I'm meek, I live a secret life
Cue the laughter after I tell cats that I'm a rapper
Matthew is in fact the coolest rap track crafter
Who You ever knew, fashioned as ragtag or that dapper
Half-assing is wack, I have at it it's fractured
I'm manic, mechanical, frantic, campy, and randomly dope
Rancid are stanzas i chant, my mandible stands with my throat
Candid on camera, panoramic's the bandwidth I wrote
Damaged and wary, but there's imperative flare when I spoke
I'll grab my abacus, you're fractions of Matt when I spit
Rapidly rapping these mathematical magical hits
Stacked to the brim with satirist quips, I'm a pathogen, sick
Half of you halfwits haven't imagined what Matt-isms is