An Inevitable Consequence of Complex Chemistry (Fascinatingly Disturbing Thoughts, Vol. 3)

by Sauce is Matisse

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Vol. 3 of the "Fascinatingly Disturbing Thoughts" EP Trilogy.



released September 11, 2015

Produced by Sauce, aka Matisse.
Mixed by Sinatti Pop.



all rights reserved


Sauce is Matisse Charlottesville, Virginia

"Sauce is Matisse" is a rapper based in Charlottesville, VA inspired by both underground and mainstream music across all genres. His work showcases a sound between raw hip-hop and the most technical metal outfits.

After being described as a mental paradox, he was given the advice to “contain” that paradox in order to allow all sides of himself to coexist.

He has done this through music.
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Track Name: Blood In The Ink
But something’s amiss, what doesn’t fit?
Something’s a disconnect, something’s a fib
Something is nothing like what it should spin
What if I’m cut and there’s blood in the ink?

[Verse 1]
Slit wrists, written in red, but I'll never let this sin get into my head
I been stitching this set like a vision of death, and I've given my breath to this animus, bent
On becoming the one thing that can't be suppressed…I’ve been blessed
…I'm a written religion, I’m sick and I live in contempt and regret, so sever my head
God I might never know the brighter side
Even though I write these rhymes like iv's drip my mind right to the
Page out my veins, pained in a crisis with my life in lines
This is the only way I know how to stifle all the strife inside
I spit the sickest raps after picking brittle scabs
and bloodletting a flood, every pump begets a track
So fuck the fickle "facts" from these punks pitching trash
Cuz my blood is in like every lyric sung, it's a wrap

[Verse 2]
I've invested myself in my music too deep through beats
over which I've wrote and I've spewed speech, looseleaf
...And I don't ever want a new creed
My chemical components are as dope as what you shoot, g
...that heroin, I’m heroic in the flow I'm barking
Arsenic in my arteries, I'm motioning to notes in harming
Harmonies, they’re part of me, I'm coping with the dark in me
Arguably my hardened heathen heart is charred from scarring heat (YES)
Clinically depressed with a brilliant mind
Cuz I'm filled with rhymes and I'm about to steal your shine
Run, I've killed ill lines like a billion times
And I can put you outta ya misery, euthanize your time signature
I’m Saucie sizzle, I'll drizzle in the beer you're drinking
Trickle in toxins sick from my awesome lyricism
...I twist up a tourniquet, pick my perfect pocket pen and script it
I’m Inking this quill with vividness, thrills, and mixing venom with this blood

[Verse 3]
I’m buried in the underground, scary sinners, other sounds
Ain’t no listens when I drop shit, hot scripts isn’t what it’s about
But something’s amiss, what doesn’t fit? Something’s a disconnect, something’s a fib
Something is nothing like what it should spin, what if I’m cut and there’s blood in the ink?
Uh...So what if I've been cut up
So What if I've been pummeled to a bloody pulp, what up?
What if all the fucked up rubbish that I come up
With isn't what you thought it was and blood is what it comes from?
So every seething speechless me screaming
Is teeming with feed for leeches, keep bleeding
And bleating on beats, the GOAT? Who's he? Fleeting.
This scene is a demon, Tisse is deep breathing
Track Name: Infected
[Verse 1]
You looking at me? I'll cook up a beat
I coulda been clean but This hook is diseased
Booking matisse is sugary sweet
But sour is louder, it should been heated
I'm breathing and wheezing, and gasping for air
Reaching for Ether, does anyone care?
Are they aware, that Sauce is impaired?
I'm locked in this audio hospital lair
Calculate how many maladies drown in me
Shallow in balanced imbalance, empowering
Malice is crowding my talent and towering
Showering foulnesses down on me, fallacies
Fueling me, polluting me
Fooling me with opportunities
Loosening screws so I'm losing me
Truthfully music’s the root of my eulogy

I live within these lyrics, so I’m sick I hope you hear it
Cuz my peers are poking, jeering
You’re the one infected
I know endurance, hold my vocals like a cure but
I’m not open to insurance
You’re the one infected

[Verse 2]
This is my toxin, killing me softly
Lyrical moxie, stereos mock me
Ill and this feeling is awful, it's got me
fearing lobotomies nearing my thoughts, see
It's stupid to think, infusing this sickness
Into me's moving my music
This mutagen’s soothing my bruising
And smoothing perpetual human delusion
My name is Matt, my science is mad
Write rhymes in a pad, so I think I rap
How can I justify trying this craft
When I should aim higher than liars and swag?
I'm a fan of the jam, a fanciful man
Manic depressive with damaging hands
Handling answering arrogant pandering
Devils by sharing my medicine, man

[Verse 3]
Selected, injected, rejected
But I’ma be rocking my hospital’s monitored room
My sets sick, neglected, I’ll mend this
So I’ma be rocking out hollow cuz all of it’s doomed
Track Name: Guzzle Down Sweets
[Verse 1]
That kid Matthew’s got that rapper fuel, caffeinated, I’ll rap a few
Kickstarting my sick bars when I drink a part of that fountain’s fluid
I'm all about them rowdy tunes, mouthing off as I spout and fume
I'm rocking out so how could you ever think of me without a mountain dew
I admit that I’m addicted but at least it isn't liquor business
If I drink a 5th of this then I tend to get a little intense but this is
Nothing like a sip of gin, nor is it more akin to Guinness
This is like when I rip the sickest rhythm and then we get to listen
This a Code Red, get it I'm a Live Wire
Most’ll never rhyme flyer, I'm imbibing my vibrant 'shine
And I look up at the moon, these Oompa Loompa tunes and my lines, I'm a
Guy who's riding that sugar high up all the way to my room when I’m
Asleep, it's that crash, you couldn't get me up if you asked
But when I do get up, get a dew cuz I’m gonna fill it up in that glass
Taco Bell and that Baja Blast, that Sangrita’s swell, citrus smash
Sip this passion, this is Matt’s, I love this drink so I spit this track, what

I'm rapping caffeinated cuz I guzzle down sweets
And I’m acting batshit crazy cuz I guzzle down sweets
This is Matt and I have to taste it so I can guzzle down sweets
Guzzle down sweets

[Verse 2]
Let's be honest, I'm a Pepsi product and I bet these bars are interesting aren't they?
Got a question? Carbonated lessons starting, I'm professor sauce and I'm a tenured artist UH
...I don't want an intervention hardly, it's a blessing, call this an ascension, godly me guzzling a gallon, then another gallon, and getting me set this off
Condiments in my saucy spitting and I'm lost without it cuz I’m awesome with it
Lofty lyricism, mosh in the mix, and I'm causing hemorrhaging, noxious singing
And I’m drinking CANS, drinking DAMN, the last of the fridge pack is in my HAND
Get that cooler and crack that 2 liter, this man's moody and needs his JAM
Dude, do the Dew. You don't want it? You got your brew?
Who's that monstrous nuisance artisan who's in charge of the groovy tunes? Me?
Y’all sitting at shit bars while I spit sick bars til I've lost all tooths, eww
But I’ve got awesome news, now I've got that 2 liter, Dew for me, and then Dew for my crew, that’s you

[Verse 3]
I need that carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup
Sodium benzoate, preserves freshness
I said Sodium benzoate preserves freshness