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released November 29, 2016

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Sauce is Matisse.



all rights reserved


Sauce is Matisse Charlottesville, Virginia

"Sauce is Matisse" is a rapper based in Charlottesville, VA inspired by both underground and mainstream music across all genres. His work showcases a sound between raw hip-hop and the most technical metal outfits.

After being described as a mental paradox, he was given the advice to “contain” that paradox in order to allow all sides of himself to coexist.

He has done this through music.
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Track Name: Personality Test I
It's like I can't do a song without somebody
Saying I'm a bum for one reason or other, like I'm dumb
Like I'm fucking unaware of my shortcomings
A keyboard warriors got nothing but forces something
Some people say that I got white flow, "right bro!"
Other people say that I can write dope, "nice yo"
I got no idea where I fit in, no light bulb
I don't know bout feeding the trends, but I'm aight though, psych, no
I stay inking the same sick and deranged image
The pace quickens, the page thickens, arrange writtens
Hit play, spit and display penmanship, phrases and
Parade predicates, eight said in the same sentence
My whole life is a deep cut and I'm bleeding out
Hear me out, people perceive nothing, believe me now
Guess I'm a freak cuz we can't fucking agree how
To speak or how to be, I'm a beast, fuck it, a free sound
Track Name: Netflix & Chill (Introverted) [feat. T-Bone & Patrick Malichi]
[Verse 1]
My intention is to never mention anything depressing
But the lyrics said injected in my head, I'm left infected
I'm wrecked and reflecting, while chilling in my bed sick
Well shit. I Guess ill watch a lot of Netflix
Adam West and Angela Lansbury apparently
Are my two key celebrity grandparents who parent me
...nice. But when compared to people near me, I appear to be
A freaking Inbetweener, I'm barely there, I'm a parody
Like if the Pet Detective and Tina Belcher were facts
Got married and had a son they named Barry Allen, the Flash, who rapped
Now what you gotta say to that?
I'm mad and impractical, laughing at me, name is Matt
I'm hyper observant, quite the disturbance when I'm right
Which is all the time, like I been learning lessons in life, Psych
I might be Malcolm, a cocky person, unliked
Like a righteous sermon, psychic in timely words that I write

"Holy rap syllables Matt, your flows killing em!"
So why I get the feeling ain't nobody feeling em?
I'll spit the subscription, ticket to shows, stealing em
But nobody been watching me Netflix & Chilling em
They don't see me
They watch TV
Seen on repeat
They don't need MPT

[Verse 2]
I got a Monster feature like I'm Dr. Krieger
Knocking speakers while I'm watching all the Archer seasons
I've Arrested Development of my carcass, deep in
My meditation, I'm medicating my Martian feelings
I'm spaced out, an Ancient Alien Asian
And caucasian, pained by his alienation from A-list
Placement, I ain't invading the playlists
They all changing the station, they wont tape it, erase it
I'm lacking in publicity's imagery of an idol
I'm Mr. Robot, but I wont ever go viral
Eye-roll, I am a hack or a missing title
Anything a legitimate hit isn't, I know
But I'm original, Siri isn't in the know
I'm lyrically invisible but clearly invincible
I've written dope, pick a show, click it and I'll spit the flow
I'm betting that my script is sicker than a medical drama

[Verse 3]
I've been feeling like a talking head, I'm the Walking Dead
A Stranger Thing like Eleven in a lofted bed
Every song's regret, but it's all I get
And so I don't know what you fuckers gawking at
Track Name: EQ the Music (Intuitive)
[Verse 1]
I got that skill, bars bounce, and I'm interested in music
Got that real hard sound, and I been invested to do this
Y'all are stupid but call it cool, whatever gets your emptiness through this
I'm in tune with all my muses, y'all are tempting the nuisance
So you did it for the money, you did it for the shows
You did it for the cliche honeys and the faux
Where them posers be? I'm not what I'm 'posed ta be
I guess my flows too heat to be that emotional geek, but
I don't give a fuck bout a stereotype
I got the word, spread it and find out what my stereo's like
Get hype, hit em with the mic, spit it in an aerial strike
And I'm a what? Dude you do a deuce then where do you wipe? "Oh, right..."
Sauciepoo's that diarrhea, yeah I'm the shit
I'm that cocky dude who'd rather keep on rapping than quit
I'm bout that spit, frown at glitzy ditzy downers and dicks
I found that mix down in D.C., now I'm drowning in hits, bitch

See how we do
We EQ the music

[Verse 2]
I'm a bit of that one-two pop, a bit of that ooh and that ah
And a bit of that punk, rude rock, a bitter confusion and gall
And a bit of that beatbox, get it that groove and that style
And I'm intuitive when I EQ the music and rhyme
But beasting ain't enough, these tunes ain't been played enough
Tisse has made a statement but the statement ain't been made a fucking
Staple so it's wasted, a vacant basement contains it all
I'd say I'm sane but it's way insane to keep making 'em
I'm a nobody, but I'm somebody to somebody
And somebody want me to keep up with my dumb hobby
And rock it, I got it in my blood and my lungs, I gotta be
Honest if I wanna keep on Saucing these songs, Condiment Opera
I got my mic and my setup, the lights off, I'm fed up
We might be a nice set of pipes but you're never
Gonna like it the way that you like whats embedded
In your psyche, your vices enticed, but I'm better
Track Name: Personality Test II
It's like I'm Mr. Hatred & Sophistication
But I miss the days when I could risk my paycheck
When I spit this dangerous and bitching playlist
But nobody wanna play this, I'm pissed and pained
I paint a picture with a statement
But some are saying I ain't "gangsta"
Well no shit, that obvious observation
Is borderline racist, but plain as day, ain't it?
The same shit on a different day isn't success
The fame isn't attained by fickle fucks flexing
But inane bitching and blaming em doesn't bump hits
I gotta say what I'm saying and say it sucks less
Dammit I'm morbid, I'll can up my torment
In the morgue while I'm listening to Cannibal Corpse
Got a hand on the boards and I'm demanding a chorus
But with the banter I'm bored, I'd better bank on aborting this shit
Track Name: Containing the Paradox (Thinking)
[Verse 1]
I'm thinking heretic thoughts, I'm a paradox
Cuz every time I try therapist, I'm aware I'm not
I keep my fits bottled up in the bars, kissed goodbye to my honest cause
Fists are fighting, fly off the walls, Mr. Mighty Mind's often off his
Rocker, I'm mental, I get it, half my day is spent
In my imagination mending this fragile state that I've been in
I'm lacking all incentive, it's laughable lately, end it
In actuality, pent up with passion I pay the penance
Of confession, confessing to any menacing deed
I've said in my speech, anything ever said through my teeth
I admit it, I get it, I've been protective of my peace
But believe, I'm a wreck until I D-I-E, see

[Chorus ]
I'm containing the paradox
I got the war inside of my head
Cuz I rock ignored, but I'm bout to rhyme dead
Cliche and Tisse say I'm outta my breadth
I keep making heat but I swallow my breath

[Verse 2]
Every verse that I spit is like a nervous tick
Squirm and I fidget when I word this, inertia hits
Learning to live with a curse is a worthless gig
But I've committed to this circus, ya heard the hits
I'm this, that, and the other, pick your poison
I get annoyed by my voices but enjoy them
I zip my lips, I don't want them to know, let's be honest, I've been unknown
Every harmony said lobotomy, listen often, write mental notes
I'm tattooing the track
Move and attack, boom, bap
This dude can rap, "Who is Matt?"
Beneath this Santa Claus smile beats the heart of a sewer rat
I do this to fumigate body and soul, but all of my art is a part of my woe
I'm carving these scars in my arm with the notes that I harness in flow, that's all that she wrote
It's out of control, this power, behold, I'm calloused in maladies, talent untold
With chemical foes, regret and no hope, no medicine though, but whatever it's dope, so

[Verse 3]
This is heat vs. hell, freak vs. fail
Speak vs. tell, it's me vs. myself
I don't know if I can keep in control
Cuz they all wanna be the focus, while I'm screaming "hell no!"
It's Sauce vs. Matisse, Sauce vs, Matisse
It's Sauce vs. matisse, all versions of me "we know"
I'm tryna see if I believe if I care or not
It's scary when I'm barely there, containing the paradox
Track Name: My Mic (Judging)
[Verse 1]
I know I am not at large status, I know I have not made it
I am not a pop star rocking out in Las Vegas
Sauciepoo's an oddball y'all, I'd rather not make it
Tryna take it totally in tune in fame or not, I hate it
So I've spoken bits about ownership, so committed I own the shit
Focused spitting my flow in this and I show commitment by going in
And I don't gotta get a profit to be dope
I knock a hit and call it what I want, them honest flows
I'm tryna find the truth, rhyming to inspire you
Buying all my time a dime a dozen, I denied my youth
While I ignite the booth, mind inside a fire tune
I find my muse and I can do it all despite the rules

[Chorus ]
I never sold drugs, and I've never been affiliated
With any kind of gang, so everything I sang is somehow so underrated
I don't got that hustle, I don't got that grind
Got no god damn public that owns my life
But ey, it's my mic

[Verse 2]
I do it cuz I love it, when I do it I have fun with it
Loving counts for something so I hum, I'm never done spitting
Y'all can follow money, but I suggest you pick your gut, get it?
Y'all don't gotta prove what you get done to anyone, bet it
So your flow's unknown when you wrote the raps, so alone in that cul-de-sac
No commotion and no reactions, so? You wrote it for solely passion
And what matters is you have it in what you say
The truly vivid euphemisms soothing any pain
So breathe in the vocals, squeeze it and hold it, you own it
You know that only you control what you flow and set into motion
When every hope's a locomotive and going
It's gonna roll with the blows and grow into focus, emotion, and soul

I do it cuz I love it, it's okay that I have not made it
I own it like I want it, I ain't afraid cuz you cannot take it
And everything I spit's the best few minutes of my life
Get to thinking and write then I get it written, aight?
This thing is mine, mission and vision collide
I get it in and define who I am, defying the rhyme cuz I
Track Name: Personality Test III
It's like I'm broke and I'm bumming, dope but I'm sucking
Hopeless and running out of vocals and humming
From my throat like I'm throwing up a gross sack of something
So I'm focusing on what I can control, ahh fuck it
I got some souls saying I'm a star
But then the young folks saying I'm bizarre
I'm too old for them bar bits, bitch I'm on that bars shit
Hard hitting mosh pit shit, I'm spitting art, get it?
Remaining ripping insane cynical shame-ridden
Inane rituals, paint pitiful pained visions
I relate little, my brain's chemicals stain thinking
Creating, crippled and caged, dissonant, dazed, distant
Fuck it, I don't know what to think
One person says I'm a nut, the other says I'm a king
And both are opinionated as fuck, I'm fucking over being
Stuck in this muddled mess of a muthafucking hopeless dream