by Sauce is Matisse

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released March 17, 2017

Produced by Sauce is Matisse.
Mixed & Mastered by TLS Mastering.



all rights reserved


Sauce is Matisse Charlottesville, Virginia

"Sauce is Matisse" is a rapper based in Charlottesville, VA inspired by both underground and mainstream music across all genres. His work showcases a sound between raw hip-hop and the most technical metal outfits.

After being described as a mental paradox, he was given the advice to “contain” that paradox in order to allow all sides of himself to coexist.

He has done this through music.
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Track Name: Throwback (Bullet)
Betcha I'll letcha know that we all living in the past
We all livid in that past rap
We all living in the past
And we all wishing for the past back
But hip-hop has been knocking constant
Calm, when y'all itching for that fast track
Y'all been livid at these sad acts
Cuz yall living in the past
Balling like a Baltimore Bullet, Bullet
Bullet, Bullet
Balling like a Baltimore Bullet, no call so I couldn't foul out
I got my ticket and I'm good and loud
Got em good and loud now
I been a bullet the better part of my life
And I’ma write it, like I said I wouldn't foul out

[Verse 1]
And I’ma tell em onomatopoeia’s what I been on, and rap
Bitch that's where I been at, get that?
I don't fit in with any hip act, get back
Mismatched and I meant that
All this mumble rap bitches bump is whack
These punk acts all deserve to get their tongues detached
But it's in fashion like a fucking fad
I could be happy but I must be mad
Music gotta evolve like any art form
But a lotta these songs are missing art’s form
Like it's hard to be soft, but where's the heart, boy?
Why’s it gotta be awful to get the spark going?
They chose showmanship over knowing their shit
So us lonely spitters’ll choke, flowing in fits
But we're alone in the mix
And we don't know where to go with our hits, so

[Verse 2]
I got a vision, lemme spit it, hip-hop never died and it never left
And so everything's a lie and it's said in jest
The real issue is the rise of the ignorant
They got eyes on the venue, but deny respect
I can't knock the hustle, I can't knock the grind
I can't knock the money, I can't knock the shine
But I can knock the guff and I can knock the rhymes
I can knock the fuckery, "damn sauce, it's fine"
I am not a solution, or a movement
And I ain't vying to do shit all but music
I found my fuel, and I couldn't refuse it
It’s abused for amusement, true, but when I do this my noose is loosened, do you
Track Name: Tonight
When you're that awkward party at the party
And nobody acknowledges that awkward guy
You can't fault that you’re a fly on the wall
Cuz ain't nobody being smart tonight
You can't fiction a fake vision or frame flippant phrases
Fickle and fake, phone in the face, but ey
All you gotta do's say fuck em and hide
But you had promised to go out tonight

[Verse 1]
You ain't the life of the party at all, face it
You stay posted on the wall, you're faceless
Apparently it's silent and stoic intimidation
They ain't know it but you're trying to cope, you can barely take it
Cuz you'd rather be at home on your couch
Lying comatose and going through your phone phone til you've found
A dope meme to show peeps while joking around
Hold please...but there ain't no one around
See everybody's of the social variety
But your social anxiety owns your focus entirely
So it throws you in emotional irony
You're alone and you're tired, but lonely hoping your life’ll be
Full of revelry, friendly festive fantasy
Tethered dreams, get it? It's nothing more than reverie
In the depth of your head you're meant to be
But your head can be your own worst enemy, guaranteed

[Verse 2]
You go to gigs with your bros, but then your hope sinks
You don't think that it's dope because you don't drink
You know your thinking is prone to overloading
The folks singing their song, but no you don't sing
It's all negative, ocean of false premises
Soak in it all, Getting you groping for y'alls medicine
You're in your head again, knowing it's all relative
Forcing a soft deadened commotion, it's called "giving in"
You'd better bet that you've been a bit of a downer
Stress, in essence a mess, and it's getting louder
An empty pessimist tendency tends to tower
You can't see anything, anything but the crowd in that
Tunnel vision, and what you're thinking is something wicked
You're calm and clinical while envisioning, thoughts are vivid
But fog is thickening, cough and quiver, a fall, submission
It's all repetitive, all regretted, a wrong decision
Track Name: Bruce Wayne Money (feat. Lou Ka$h)
You’re blinded by that Bruce Wayne money
Haha, you on that new age nothing fronting Bruce Wayne money
See I'm the joker in that noose saying "fuck it"
And you been two face stunting
Haha, you on that new age nothing fronting
Blinded by the brightness and that Bruce Wayne money

[Verse 1]
A million hear, a million stare
A millionaire don't compare to a billionaire
Your villains are scared and feeling the fear, but you're not aware
That your fairy tale is thinner than air
But nobody cares, famous face, a fake and a fraud
Maintain the facade, entertainment’s vacant as all hell
So I guess we’re all at fault, but aw well
I'd give a fuck, but I been above it all, selling
...Nah we don’t get that revenue
Separate the moolah from my music with a centrifuge
So gimme credit where my credit’s due
Stay out my business cuz my business is whatever dude
Get a clue, I'm in tune yet irrelevant
True when I'm telling it, ya dude don't embellish shit
I'm into music, screw my mix of melanin
It's moot while I'm yelling in the booth so to hell with this

[Verse 2]
Y’ain’t really know about the money ‘til you stack that
Talking bout you ballin? Homie, where the fuck the cash at?
Know you got the swag jacked, killa you can have that
Carrying my fam like they fit inside a backpack
That’s the kind of shit I be on, why the fuck you try me?
Blinded by the money, y’all don’t know nothing about me
Just because I handle mine, these failures wanna doubt me
Ain’t about the paper, keep that weak shit from ‘round me
Only winners ‘round me, that’s why I shoot for the crown
‘Til the king’s laying down, all that money on the ground like
Boy, y’all don’t need that where you headed
Currency don’t convert when your ass land in heaven
Ask the dam reverend, better yet, God himself
And he gon’ say you a fool for guarding your wealth
Falling in the trap of a material mindstate
You set yourself up, and I ain’t talking no blind date

So you can keep your Bruce Wayne money
I’ve got my tunes and I'm running
I’ve found a new way to love it
So lose me with that nuisance of Bruce Wayne money
I said you can keep your Bruce Wayne money
I’ve got my tunes and I'm running
I’ve found a new way to love it
So lose me with that nuisance of Bruce Wayne money
Track Name: One Thing
[Verse 1]
I make believe all my days, I can't believe what I say
I maintain a leash on my brain, but I'm patient, keeping my pace
And I stay competing, I'm vacant, leaving my place of breathing, I'm sane
Cuz I claim my freaky mind’s crazy, making each statement deem mine insane
They say I'm a nerdcore rapper like they heard more rappers
Spit a verse more dapper than the church boy
Bitch I’ve heard more rappers who get hurt more fast
When a curse spawns laughing in the words' story
Good story, got more? I got all morning so I'm bored
But the more I forge ahead the more I'm ignored so I ignore it
And just one thing's in me mentally, the one thing that makes sense to me
My blessing, peace in my entity, everything that I'm meant to be
The source of my energy, the more that I let it breathe
I'm more than I meant to speak, so I'll pour it out and make a mess of me

On my mind there's only one thing, one thing
My responsibility or the monster killing me
Only one thing, one thing
Call it caustic energy or preposterous enemy
Only one thing, one thing
My responsibility or the monster killing me
Only one thing, one thing
I'm tryna better a lesser me, every second I'm meant to breathe
Only one thing, one thing

[Verse 2]
One thing on my mind, one thing in my heart and soul
One thing on my conscience? Nonsense, conscious, setting my thoughts and goals
And I often ponder my honest targets solved in this art and flow
When I’m off I wander the farthest darkest parts of my heart I know
I’m absent minded inside, see Matt’s alive cuz I try
My passion writing this action item is active finding this life
I imagine hiding in my asinineness, and I'm baffled asking beats why
Many don't mind if this matters, cuz these matters seem to be mine
Face down and my headphones on, in my zone as I vent those songs
Bet I'm broken and holding on in a focused fog of regret and no loss
Any emotion is ended, gone a hole, a descent to fall
Though I'm coping after all, I ain't never had control of my faculties

[Verse 3]
So make room for my elephant
They tell me I'm intelligent ,but hell if I let it go to swell my head
I'm well scripted and eloquent, but fell a victim, unhealthy, dead
I'm on a mission to seldom sell intermissions, sweltering hell I’m in so I
Write more, write more, ya can't say I'm wrong cuz I'm right more
And I'm ripe roaring this hype score to make life more to my liking
Lord have mercy on my mic cords, merciful they're my life force
Heard the core of my hurting organs, and I'm working hard to live life
Track Name: Mattspergers
[Verse 1]
I'll likely take you literal, missing all the subliminal
Meanings that you were meaning to mean by the hints, I’ve been a fool
I'm pretty pitiful, pissing upon the pedestal
Of petty interaction, in fact I've a lack of inner rules
I'm missing instinct to interact and then think
Critically in sync with social synergy and sense scenes
I'm in a dense dream, you never met me
I manage mentally centered ya get it? Get at me
I'll never be the butterfly, "What a guy!" Pretending I'm
Another type of uninvited demagoguing extra
Ever wonder why my tendencies tend to be odd and then some?
It's unintended but I'm eccentric, on the spectrum
I tend to know myself, never diagnose myself
Everybody else is crying diagnosis on my health
Like what the hell, I admit that I ain't coping well
But I been open, telling over and over I felt

Misfit, feeling like I didn't fit
Ain't nobody getting it, the message that I meant to think
Because I'm meant to think whatever makes a better fit
But I won't ever fit, I'll never quit a breath of this medicine
I’m past learning your tact, turning to act nervous
The class curve on the back burner for rap verses
So laugh, murmur, attract, turn up in Matt’s circus
I'm mad nerdy and that's personal, aspergers

[Verse 2]
Sarcasm isn't my strong suit in a vocal tune
I’m hoping that it's spoken true, not known for knowing social cues
I mold a fusion of flowing foolish and showing proof
Emotion moves and the notion of focus poking through
The OCD, believe me or be bored of me
Of course I need a freaking disorder forcing the orderly
Organization, formally ordering every formerly
Disorderly piece that I see before it's annoying me, Jesus
This idiot savant doesn't get it yet
I'm on a mission to fish up fans on the internet
But every minute I spend on getting my vision set's
A dead end cuz I’m never getting better, I’ma bet it
Because weird’s only really okay when you've got millions
And I'm civilian so I'd better be diligent
But fuck a feeling, I'll admit I'm on a silly whim
Living while I do what I do, I'll say what I really think

[Verse 3]
When I was younger I conformed, but I couldn’t relate
As I got older I ignored it and it turned into hate
Then I matured, never cured it but I learned to contain it
And take it day to day, make it how I work in my brain, ey
This is humility, admit my disability
I'm willing to put my feelings aside while you're grilling me
With no physician’s opinion, I've been unwillingly
Agreeing with the witness of philistines, could I really be a