The Creativity that Would Manifest Itself (Fascinatingly Disturbing Thoughts, Vol. 2)

by Sauce is Matisse

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Vol. 2 of the "Fascinatingly Disturbing Thoughts" EP Trilogy.



released September 11, 2015

Produced by Sauce, aka Matisse.
Mixed by Sinatti Pop.



all rights reserved


Sauce is Matisse Charlottesville, Virginia

"Sauce is Matisse" is a rapper based in Charlottesville, VA inspired by both underground and mainstream music across all genres. His work showcases a sound between raw hip-hop and the most technical metal outfits.

After being described as a mental paradox, he was given the advice to “contain” that paradox in order to allow all sides of himself to coexist.

He has done this through music.
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Track Name: Melody
[Verse 1]
...Her names Melody
and her selfish hell is what envelops me in sweltering heat and melts me
but She helps me... though we seldom speak, from what she's telling me
I fell beneath what she had felt for me
But she’s calling Matisse, teasing and taunting, a freak
Breathing oxygen, weak, demons haunting my sleep
Believe...that she is all that I need
I can be calm and be free within these songs that I speak, through her

I recommend a 1-night stand
I know we’re just friends, but you’re my kind of man
Just for tonight

[Verse 2]
She's a 2-faced bitch who you ain't safe with
Dude you could make mint with the money we’ve spent
And the time we invested, our lives' peace ends
When we try to keep on clinging to the wife leech, listen
...Get this: it isn't my profession
She's more like my obsession I regret I ever let in
But forget it...I'm hopeless floating off in her set list
I’m open to repentance, hoping notes and meds’ll mend this
Love/hate relationship, I love her but I hate the bitch
Patience is the game and I'm insanely bent on making hits
I'm telling me to hell with me but Melody’s a make or miss
Hey there ain't no shame in this, I'm saying shit in painful licks
Cuz she keeps calling and keeps hanging up, wut
And she keeps stalling and keeps faking stuck, mud
Now I'm p'd off and my beats had enough, fuck
I'm bout to leave up outta here and leave this slut dumped

[Verse 3]
I'm painting pictures with my lyricism, Melody’s my model
I Got my own Mona Lisa smiling in what I wrote
But I know, that she's about to pop another bottle
With another fucking star while I'm walking home in sorrow
This one night stand is a moonwalk away
From a tongue tied man and a true walk of shame
She's my Melody, Melody, I’ve melted to a shell of me
Hollow as I wallow in this sorrow, music, hell, and peace
Track Name: Rock Out
[Verse 1]
In your head you run this gig from beginning to end
But it’s never finished, this thing isn’t beginning to end
Every lyric is intimately written and meant
To mimic ill malignant wisdom when you spit to offend
Because you’ve got it bottled up but you’re not about to give up
You’ve fallen down but you’ve gotta get up and prosper like hallelujah
…You’ve got it tough cuz reality sucks
And every motherfucker’s gunning for that audio love
But you don’t got one HIT, even though you’re pumpING
Every last nugget of your gumption into someTHING you love, DIG
-ging deep within your lungs for that one THING that must STICK
Something’s gotta give, or this run’s been for noTHING
Fuck this…like you’ll lose a little leverage
But Underground music’s not a lucrative profession
Get it? Oh you want your tunes to be respected?
Well money makes a movement, and there’s few who’ll cut a check, kid

Rock out
I…can’t…keep on rhyming alone, but I rock out
I…can’t…leave it, I am at home when I rock out
I…can’t…feel the high without hope, so I rock out
I’m buried underground, but I’m never gonna let it go, I love this sound when I
Rock out

[Verse 2]
…Today it’s not the rap that makes the rapper
It’s the backers who are willing to break their backs for their master
An actor, dapper, just back from the haberdasher
Clad in fashion seen as laughable by practical bastards
So bless the entertainers, some are lesser some are greater
But they’re buried in the Underground under layers of graves’ dirt
…They’re all the same, hurt in pain by the way it works
Everybody’s tryna make a name for that paper
But ain’t too many make it up… and fewer stay above
So saying that you made it’s sounding crazy like you made it up
…Your face can take a punch and haters they ain’t phasing much
You came in like you’re made for this game, and you stay in playing rough
But it ain’t enough, just bumping all your honesty
It’s obviously not gonna be enough to make a profit seen
It’s all a scheme, it’s not enough just to follow dreams
You’ve gotta pay the gods before you’re rocking out for all to see

[Verse 3]
Rock out
Even though you’re not big
Even though your pockets are not thick with guap, you can rock hits
Rock out
Even though you’re doing this for therapy
It’s stereo inherent, if it’s clear to you it’s clear to me
Rock out
Track Name: A Loud Mind
[Verse 1]
Yo, eyo
I got a lot up in this noggin that is not okay
thought after thought is all I've got, and I rap it all away
I'm tryna rock it, passing nonsense off as commonplace
But when my song is played, an awesome passion dominates
Ominous rawness off in darkness deep in shamans voodoo
Y’all don't buy this Sauce, you're cheap and salty like you're Ramen noodles
So I’m gonna chew through every cocky sheep who's rhyming doodoo
But timing is crucial, sayonara, say goodbye, adieu to
Me, Matisse, I'm about to leave this scene a quitter
See me being bitter, keep believing I was scheming bigger
And dreaming pictures up of feelings that I piece together
Weakened and withered is my speech but I’m a lethal spitter

I say I have no down time
But when I rap I’m like “about time!”
Because I’m happy when I spout rhymes
Matisse in Matthew is a loud mind

Hey now every time I try to take a moment going slow I tend to throw it all away and favor "no"
But do I waste it? Nahhh
I gotta take it as I go so as I play it, savor moments Cuz I know I’ll never blow
But I gotta stay creative
Yeah I gotta stay creative
Yeah I gotta stay creative
Cuz I gotta stay creative or I’m bound to go insane
So I gotta stay creative

[Verse 2]
The trouble with coming up from out the underground is something bout
How every time we cut a sound we shove it down the publics mouths
And they ain't bout to stop and listen to us fuck around
They bump their plastic rappers, they ain't hungry for another sound
Music marks a level head, but ain’t no body want my meds
What do I call a career that never started? Cuz it’s hardly “dead”
I remain creative, keep my brain away from starving debt
Rap is both a passion and distraction from my martyred mess
So love it or leave it, debunk or believe it
Breathe in the frequencies sung, let ‘em seep in
Creep in and be with you, underneath your sleek skin
And leech it out or keep it in, I’m one with heathen scenes’ kin

[Verse 3]
Every single song I write is awesome to a troglodyte
But really where my lofty sight is set is bossing all your hype
I’m often locked inside this coffin offing all the lights
And coughing up sick comments like I’m vomiting my bark and bite
Foam at my mouth, I’m alone in my house “WORD?”
Those I’m around, yeah they know I’m about WORK
Focused and loud, honing vocals in foul VERSE
Open my mouth, not outspoken but now HEARD
I fake stasis, late my brain races
I’m pacing, I stay creative, blame hatred
Sedated, complacent angst remains patient
I’m pained as I paint this rage away, face it
I can’t quit