by Sauce is Matisse

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released August 27, 2016

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Sauce is Matisse.



all rights reserved


Sauce is Matisse Charlottesville, Virginia

"Sauce is Matisse" is a rapper based in Charlottesville, VA inspired by both underground and mainstream music across all genres. His work showcases a sound between raw hip-hop and the most technical metal outfits.

After being described as a mental paradox, he was given the advice to “contain” that paradox in order to allow all sides of himself to coexist.

He has done this through music.
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Track Name: I Am
As I write it down, they come and go
Not only in the sound, but my heart and my soul
So what you oughtta know is I'm hardened and cold
Hungry, starving as an artist, I'm martyred, unknown
But I am of the mindset to suck it up and stay grinding
Cuz nothing's gonna come up between me and something I'm striving for
The thing I'm driving towards, driven, I'm alive and roaring
I am a dinosaur, I'm goliath, leviathan, more
Than anything that I deserve...ignite the fire, burn
I live a life and learn what I am as I write a verse
So as I sign a word written in a rhyme unnerved
I gotta work on what I care about cuz im a person
I am all of you, you are all of me, what up
I was coming up a sullen curmudgeon, dying to fuck up
Rising at sun up, I am the son of a succubus
Silent cynical subject of a maniacal summoning, I am

I am

[Verse 2]
I am tryna work on whatever I can improve on
But when I'm gone and forgotten, who has the new song?
Who has a noose on living like a fool all-in
And getting booed off rhythm by his cruel thoughts?
I am too defeatist of me to be in this scene
I believe in breathing a beating, but heat don't believe in me
I see all the people who hear me here and they're dear to me
But the fear in me clearly has steered me weary, satirically
I'm a lyrical anomaly, product of psychotically
Harnessing all the sonic art philosophy's offered me
But oddly I'm not a wannabe god in a harmony
I'm a fallen cacophony calming carnage canonically
Like a Bible, prodigal I'm psycho
Honest I'm an artist, but I'm far from any idol
I've likened my life to a lie though
I been trying to fight but I'm getting tired yo, I am

[Verse 3]
I'm a descendant of the gods, Anunnaki Sauce
If all of me is all from them, why am I so lost?
Why am I uncommon defying logic at all?
I'm a product of anomalous ominous signs, raw
It's just a shot in the dark
Guess I'm not what I thought
Cuz I am not what I want
But I guess a thought doesn't harm nothing
Track Name: Guzzle Down Sweets
[Verse 1]
That kid Matthew’s got that rapper fuel, caffeinated, I’ll rap a few
Kickstarting my sick bars when I drink a part of that fountain’s fluid
I'm all about them rowdy tunes, mouthing off as I spout and fume
I'm rocking out so how could you ever think of me without a Mountain Dew
I admit that I’m addicted but at least it isn't liquor business
If I drink a 5th of this, then I tend to get a little intense but this is
Nothing like a sip of gin, nor is it more akin to Guinness
This is like when I rip the sickest rhythm and then we get to listen
This a Code Red, get it I'm a Live Wire
Most’ll never rhyme flyer, I'm imbibing my vibrant 'shine
And I look up at the moon, these Oompa Loompa tunes and my lines
I'm a guy who's riding that sugar high up all the way to my room when I’m
Asleep, it's that crash, you couldn't get me up if you asked
But when I do get up, get a dew cuz I’m gonna fill it up in that glass
Taco Bell and that Baja Blast, that Sangrita’s swell citrus smash
Sip this passion, this is Matt’s, I love this drink so I spit this track, what

I'm rapping caffeinated cuz I guzzle down sweets
And I’m acting batshit crazy cuz I guzzle down sweets
This is Matt and I have to taste it so I can guzzle down sweets
Guzzle down sweets

[Verse 2]
Let's be honest, I'm a Pepsi product and I bet these bars are interesting aren't they?
Got a question? Carbonated lessons starting, I'm professor Sauce and I'm a tenured artist
I don't want an intervention hardly, it's a blessing, call this an ascension, godly
Got me guzzling a gallon, then another gallon, and getting me set this off
Condiments in my saucy spitting and I'm lost without it cuz I’m awesome with it
Lofty lyricism, mosh in the mix, and I'm causing hemorrhaging, noxious singing
And I’m drinking cans, drinking, damn, the last of the fridge pack is in my hand
Get that cooler and crack that 2 liter, this man's moody and needs his jam
Dude, do the Dew. You don't want it? You got your brew?
Who's that monstrous nuisance artisan who's in charge of the groovy tunes? Me?
Y’all sitting at shit bars while I spit sick bars til I've lost all tooths, eww
But I’ve got awesome news, now I've got that 2 liter, Dew for me, and then Dew for my crew, that’s you

[Verse 3]
I need that carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup
Sodium benzoate, preserves freshness
I said Sodium benzoate preserves freshness
Track Name: Expectations (You're Right)
[Verse 1]
A lot of rappers say that they're the shit, but they're not, man
A lot of fancy enhancements, god damn
They're not a hit, but they get their business on brand
Then they get the listeners "I can't quit, I got fans!"
Who though? It ain't nobody you know
And can't nobody boo over kudos to you folks, too slow
It ain't a loophole, you all know it's true though
Lower your expectations
You go to work after ain't nobody heard that
And ain't nobody yearn for you rapping any words, sad
And worried cuz you're sure that a rapper spitting verses as
Perfect as you have is deserving of a sure path
It's the entitlement and attitude
Like everybody gotta pat you on the back
But alas, you're a hack and youre wack so you have to
Lower your expectations

You dream of fans who're insane and bump you as they pay for stuff
And live it up like theyre ballers on the weekend
But instead of a whole bunch, you've got no one
Slow the dreaming to one fan, its over, you woke up

Now you might think that this guy (girl) only exists in your mind
Guess what? You're right
So if you thinking that you're all alone
And ain't nobody want a song with your vocals on it
And you know you're focused but a hopeless soul
Guess what? You're right

[Verse 2]
This year is the year you make it right?
It's not last year, that year was anybody
But the year before that you said everybody's
Gonna know your hobby by today, yeah right
Realize that to make your buck
It's gonna take work and patience on top of luck
And it aint too common so you gotta fucking
Lower your expectations
And do it for the fun, fucking do it for the art form
Do it cuz you love it, not because you want the props for it
It seems the passion is lost in a locked drawer
Because every act, all they ever wants a hot story
They got delusions of grandeur
They wanting all the loot handed to em, dammit
Doing a dance with your jam doesn't guarantee a fan, better
Lower your expectations
Track Name: Better Off Alone
[Verse 1]
I try to believe that I aint lost, but
All I see is evil and I'm washed up
As I keep releasing Tisse and Sauce stuff
A final draft? I aint nothing but a mockup
I should use my words to write a human verse
And maybe fuel improvement of our putrid earth
The irrefutable hurt that people do is worse
Than our imaginary enemies, consumed and cursed
Does hell dwell with the devil beneath?
Naw, it's on our level where we step with our feet
We're no separate being,s but we're neglecting to see
That every negative featurette is reflective of each of us

She smiles at me, I hold her close
And in this moment, time has stopped
I should have walked away, I should have let you go
Maybe I'm better off alone

[Verse 2]
My music's a makeshift escape
From purest pain that our brainwaves create
I hate that I've stayed complacent with the state our states are in
But hate ain't making the change
Ignorance is bliss for the ones who ignore it
But more important are the poor and the war-torn who endure it
But every time I talk curing, it's rhetorical
I'm bored scoring my short life unimportant
But through the music I do I get to forget all the horror
Nothing compares to the joy I get from recording
It's like a fortress in audio, bolt the door
Cuz I'm already over mourning our fallen and all the corpses

[Verse 3]
I hold the music close, she's a lavish liar
While all the world's in motion, I'm static, denial
Guess I've had it with trials, but through the madness and pious
Idiot attitude I have, I have imagined a smile
It seems it's in our nature to be damaging
Like we are the cancer, vicious and ravaging
Excuse my lack of faith in this ageless calamity
But I'm a tune away from walking away from humanity
I shoulda done it long ago, but I couldn't let us go
So I been going through the motions, hopeless on the low
So I bottle my emotions slow
But when I focus on my flow I've a home within what I wrote
Track Name: Just One Bad Day
[Chorus ]
Just one bad day

[Verse 1]
Wait I'm on now? I thought I had a minute
I'm a lad living a gag, sick and I'm mad, livid
Saying "I'm the sanest man alive!!" But that's a lie cuz I'm batshit
I'm a halfwitted wack spitting chap but imagine
If that one bad day were to come Matt's way
Thats a bum rap, play it as my tongue tracks takes
Plate a crumb, bad taste, ain't enough, facts faked
As I run fast paced till I'm done, Matt's grave
In a lucid dream reducing you and me to lunacy
Soon to be a fluent speaker of buffoonery
A mutiny aboard my ship, it sunk into the sea
Between you and me I cannot (can of) tune a (tuna) fish to a key
The bittersweet pain among men is having knowledge
With no power to use it, it's paradoxical, stupid
I promise all this is honest, see you can call me a lunatic
Y'all don't wanna be onto me, I'm psychotic, I knew it cuz just one

[Verse 2]
Yo I'll remain with it even though I'm making no change with it
Stay with it, making my memories as I say lyrics
Ain't a day when I don't play with a page written
Sane isn't a synonym for the way I'm living "dangerous!"
I've got 24 hours til I go and tear my hair out
Cuz I'm over sharing zero with these overbearing arrogant
Inferior parrots who don't care about the weirdos
"Polly want a cracker??" This crap is for the sparrows
I eat chicken in greased rhetoric, keep spitting
Cuz beef's better with cheese, cheddar in cheeks, winning
Believe every beats beckoning, "please rip it!"
I need steady release, chemicals cease thinking
Positive, hidden and it's obvious
I'm a dichotomy, call me uncommon common sense
But no promises...I got a lot on my mind and this
Song is all that's between me and ominous darkness, one day

[Verse 3]
My mental patience is fading, grace on the wane
I stay scoffing, saying I ain't all deranged
You can't call me crazy as long as I create
There's a method to my madness, think thoughts, delay that day
When I go insane because of one bad day
Track Name: Dope Poetry
[Verse 1]
Black holes, spacetime
I'm roaming in this body, but it ain't mine
Yo asshole, I ain't lying
I'm focused but I know I'm bout to fade while I'm playing these
Alarming acts of artistry harnessing heart and all of that
I could be common, but I'm martyred cuz the market's hacked
Can't nobody call me a copycat cuz I wanna rap
I bout to be the bombest set of balls within this art, I'm Matt
And I'll swallow my pride for a bottle of Dew, it's the pop that I choose, is it bothering you?
I bit off a lot but I'm not gonna chew, I'ma spit it, I'm rude and I'm hot in the booth
And even if you don't believe me, replay
And relay what Tisse say to each place where you be staying
This songs near dope, kids all weird though
This Sauce fierce flowing is sick, cough, clear throat
It's on weirdos, spit balls smeared, smoke
And mirrors til its clear I'm bout to hear "all ears yo!!"

My poetry has not been a purpose, but a passion
I know I need the verse, but whats a word without action?
The man in the stanzas is damaged but bandaged
And hoping tat his poetry won't leave him abandoned
He's hoping that he'll grow to know his own niche alone
So he can focus on his poetry, he knows what he wrote's dope

Dark matter, parallels
I could be harnessing this art but thoughts would never tell
Stars scatter, my vision fails
And I'm shattered cuz I'm caught within this vivid hell, they done got me
Chained as I'm spitting deep within my sleep paralysis
Embarrassed cuz my parents aren't aware whose scary child this is
I'm out of common sense, lawless in my politics
And honestly I'm not convinced possession isn't on the list
And I'll slay em like I am a Saiyan awakened in mayhem, I'll take em and lay em all down
A crazier face than the zaniest anime player, I'm caking on makeup, insane as the clown, wow
So even if you never heard of me
Turn this heathen up and burn the speakers up like I murder beats
It's all clear yo, this Sauce here's dope
This song's sheer poetry pissed on career folks
His soul fears no one, spits so lyrical
Mix goes aerial, flowing in his own earphones
Track Name: Unsung Trends
[Verse 1]
You gotta live a life as a fantasy
And not a mannequin man akin to a fan of freaks
Manic calamity, panicked victim of vanity
Frantically entangled in vandalism of cherished dreams
They'll call it parody, but you'll call it clarity
Staring at the man in the mirror there and comparing each
And every breath of air you breathe in heresy with verity
They'll never be unique and free as you are lyrically
Comment in a homonym and homophone
You're all around an artist and they're all about the faux
Flow, part of their marketing MO
So? I bet its not the part you wanna know, oh
You got the beats and the know-how
Got the vocals and the speech and the flow down
But your product in the streets of a ghost town
Cuz you ain't got the people fiending for the dope sound

[Chorus ]
This goes out to my unsung friends
Unsung vocalists and unsung guests
Unsung hopefuls and the unsung sets
The unsung focus of unsung trends

[Verse 2]
So you life isn't what you planned it'd be
Beneath the manners your vanishing where you can't be seen
There's the heir to insanity, barely sticking to sanity
Standard serendipity's anagrammed in calamity
But error can't defeat your wherewithal apparently
Daring the arid and arrogant scene to scare the sheep
Carefree, impaired, and preparing to feed the feral beast
But you're barely there to compare to anything
They make a lotta dollars at a show
But you do what you wanna when you want to on your own
So you're independent, dope
But ain't nobody know about your opus, you're unknown
You got the beats and the know-how
Got the vocals and the speech and the flow down
But your product in the streets of a ghost town
Cuz you ain't got the people fiending for the dope sound

[Verse 3]
So this goes out to my unsung friends
The unsung vocalists, unsung guests
The unsung hopefuls and unsung sets
The unsung focus of unsung trends
You got the beats and the know-how
Got the vocals and the speech and the flow down
But your product in the streets of a ghost town
Cuz you ain't got the people fiending for the dope sound