The Misunderstanding of Mr. Matt

by Sauce is Matisse

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Rodeo Awesome artist and awesome album! It's fun, incredibly constructed, and doesn't take itself too seriously. Hit Single definitely stands out, and I can't wait to see what he brings us next! Favorite track: Hit Single.
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released January 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Sauce is Matisse Charlottesville, Virginia

"Sauce is Matisse" is a rapper based in Charlottesville, VA inspired by both underground and mainstream music across all genres. His work showcases a sound between raw hip-hop and the most technical metal outfits.

After being described as a mental paradox, he was given the advice to “contain” that paradox in order to allow all sides of himself to coexist.

He has done this through music.
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Track Name: Hit Single
[Verse 1]
Listen I got a death wish, every time I drive I'm reckless
I rhyme like I get friggin high fives for my set lists
But get this, regrets sink me silent, I'm pensive
So who am I to spit? I should retire preemptively
Do I care about comparing my flare to the flare of signed acts?
There's where I'd near some perilous territory, dial it back
I fear I'm embarrassing and unbearable when I rap
My parents staring at me like I'm careless thinking "Why, Matthew?"
Cuz all of these overly complicated parts involved in this
Oddities often call for nonsensical collages and
All this complexity I've concocted is too farfetched
I'm often pissed off at me, honest, hard headed narcissist
Who am I? A Suit and tie? A stupid smiling goofy guy
Style's like I am a child's mind in a studious type
Of adult who's laughable, goofy, wacko, and rude in a rhyme
Kooky, I cackle laughing for half of my studio time, ha

Hey is everybody hearing this, the rhythm that I'm spitting? Naw
Will Anybody mention that I'm getting their attention? Naw
Let this be a lesson to me when I sit and mingle
Ain't nobody ever listen when I spit a hit single

[Verse 2]
All of my audio's sonic harmonies' qualities rip
I'm with the condiments, topping ramen, uncommon and slick
Dominant, dropping a bomb on all of 'em calling it quits
Coughing and calling in sick, I'm moshing in falsehood and fibs
While I'm speaking honest, too many do this, I get the clues
But I'll be sneaking off for studious studio sessions dude
I keep it calm and soothingly brutal in all my tunes
Even though my music is futile, it's all I do, so
I woke up and wrote the dopest colloquial and raw rhythm
Bored and recording, four in the morning, potent dark venom
Low-key it's so me to poach em vocally, I'm slaughtering em
Show me you know beats so I can flow heat in a song with em
...this pairing I cherish is never wrong
So Rarely do I care about the rarity of God
What I care about's the clarity of lyrics in a song
When I hear em I should feel em like I'm near em, listen on

[Verse 3]
I feel like I'm like Frankensteins monster, made from several lives
I'm doctor Jekyll and Hyde, haunting and heckling, high
Energy rhymes, ever timeless, but pitiful, why?
Because a concert starring Sauce ain't too livable live
I'm the bitterest lyricist, so malicious and irreverent
I'm spitting the sickest diction and hoping for attention
Spinning synonyms, similes, metaphorically I'm present
But I'm lifted and whimsical, no one gets it where my head went
So all of this effort spent and invested never works for me
At all and I've settled set in irrelevance, interned, spoken
Small but I bet I'm better than ever, that's a first homie
Gall is impressively evident when I pen a verse, you see
Me without the mic is like Mike without the Ike
Matisse allowing bitings like writing without my right
Me stooping down in the slightest's like Reubens without his bike
A nuisance moving to music without a use in this life
Cuz im SoySauceSound, aka Matisse
Know how you hate red meat? Well I came to beef
You can make believe that all your favorite freaks
And label leeches stay heat, but they ain't me...
Track Name: Cracking My Knuckles
[Verse 1]
I'm hot shit like I crap in the desert, this here Matt's spitting better than you whack prissy "veterans," listen
Fact is my rhetoric attacks like a venom from an adder and gets up in you gasping for medicine, hit it
Bitch I ride these beats like I made them stirrups
Never better with my left when I shake it never stir up
Guess I'm all righty then like I'm Ace Ventura
Carrey's energy is getting me oh way too turnt up
I'll meander through your camp with a band of evil vandals
Screaming "Dammit!" while we manage to dismantle what you've branded
Well light a steaming candle, go bananas as we're jamming
Then band together and take a stand declaring our demands...bruh.
I'm hollering that hootinany nonsense
I bet I'll never blow up I aint nothing but a bomb threat, honest
...But ballers better take precautions regardless
These bars that Im barking're way too hard for no progress

They I'm a waste of entertainment
Play this every day but never getting any payment
Never been collecting any checks so what I say is
Lemme vent on every record and I bet I'll be okay, kids
Cuz I'm cool, listen I'm cool
Listen this is just a bad habit getting Matt into trouble
Im cool, listen I'm cool
Listen this is just a bad habit like I'm cracking my knuckles

[Verse 2]
I plan to spread jams, potential fans are a sandwich
Your man can be candidly frantic, outlandish
Cranking the amperage, I can't give a damn if I damage
Your managers cans cuz I'm flammable, God dammit
I tried to quit but couldn't though, hooks were like "you shouldn't go"
Putting out the sweetest flow like cooking up the cookie dough
Look at me, I shoulda blown, "What the fucks they looking fo'?"
Fecals from the hood who moan like woofing through a boogered nose
I'm so quirky, my verses are dope, surely
I'm known to these folks who heard me as vocally coke, cursing
A dose spurt from my throat, they're thirsty for quotes wordy
I'm furnishing flows first in a furnace of foes burning
I've been to hell and back, so before I sell a track
I'd better bellow, blasting and belt myself in rap
This fellows mellow actions developed hella tactics
To tell embellished acts that I'm shelling out attacks, I'm Matt

[Verse 3]
I'm thinking I'm autistic often, aw shit
This is awful all that this can offer is all men
All women and all kids scoffing, talking
While I'm calm, sitting docile, all ready for liftoff
I'm the loudest guest on Southwest
Around 11 thousand decibels shouted to ground friends
Sound gets around their towns as the clouds bend
Allowing me to shower 'em down with profound scripts
Track Name: Hater
[Verse 1]
Motherfuck selling drugs, got a 9 to 5
I was used to that commute down I-95
I was talking to my tunes like you want a ride?
Bumping new shit, exclusive, then I'd rewind
Word, nah I couldn't do the radio...nope
So I put my playlist on my own
Shit, nobody knows it, but even when I don't bomb my vocals are explosive
I hate saying that I basically relocated for payment
But my paychecks and paid rent they kept me alienated
From any savings I could make from my enslavement for wages
I couldn't take it, so to make it I changed up my state
"Hey that's great, Matt!!" ...yeah it is, but this rap scene's crap
So here's Matt and he's fearing that this lyrical passion
With which he adamantly raps could be shattered in the past
As I'm stagnant with this rap shit, so half of me has to be a

And I'm waving back to ya like see ya
Yo I hate this rap cuz I'm a

So I don't rap about jack fuck, classics saying Matt sucks
But I come back at em, rabid, rapping, attacking these tracks' cuts
A savage rap punk , anything but average
I've mastered these fantastic impractical tactics...duh
Students scared to speak, pieces when compared to me
It angers me when Americans are airheaded enough to keep a
Pair of speakers carried and prepared to bleed with careless speech
I can barely bear the beat, and paired with feces blared at me?
No wonder I'm a

[Verse 3]
I see em scripting simpler talk, hidden the vision in fog
But I drift above it all, pens a quill of a hawk
So listen and mosh with me cuz critical thought you see's
An integral part of keeping this rhythim an art...word
All the noise I'm ignoring cuz theyre mega boring
Spitting simple dumb and dead, call em stegosaurus
Pre-historic in the head but we let em flourish
Where the fuck are all their metaphors, in the forest?
Y'all have gotta use a simile to get at me
And I ain't talking pitiful punch lines or filler, G
You say you're killing beats and all your lyrics ill with heat
But see me getting heated when you vilify soliloquies?
You lack elegance, hell there's no telling if
Selling or not selling's a fact of intelligence
Know what? To hell with this, I've felt the envy, now I'm pissed
All I get is complements, but honestly I'm not convinced they like it
Track Name: Kevin Conroy
I'm the voice of the Knight
Call me Kevin Conroy
I'm the voice of the night
Y'all can never knock Tsoy
I'm the voice of the Knight
Call me Kevin Conroy

[Verse 1]
Aw y'all heard that the Bat got em, he's lurking, the lad's shocking
The mercantile masked manic philanthropist stacks bodies
Fervent and fast, following first to the facts, polished and
Perfect, detached, falling inertia in rap, rocking
These words in a pad, call it a curse of crime and punishment
Parental advisory, song is murdered so I'll run with it
Come and get it fuckers, I'm curious, can you stomach this?
Unrelenting furious verses is what the fuck this is
And I embody em, y'all cannot do what Matt can
I arrive and body em, all of Gotham is Matt's clan
But T might be mad without a God damn rap fan
Im fighting in a mask cuz I'm the God damn Batman

[Verse 2]
Ya boy's crack with the voice acting, it's Tsoy rapping
I'm poised dapper, the choice factor, a noise master
You laugh pointing, you mad hatters annoy Matt, I
Turn deploying a batarang, soaring after you poor bastards
When I don the cape and cowl I'm out dispensing justice, jump
I'ma make it loud when I let it out, so get it, bump this cut
I fucking love this, I'm pummeling you punks, spitting up
My ninja twisted tongue, lyrical lungs
I'll Mark Hamill your bars cuz half the charts are a car wreck
Arch-nemesis scarred, hysterical hardened marred mess
Vs. animal heart, damaged and dark suppressing guarded stress
This man is a martyr for all the regret he's tarnished with

[Verse 3]
I'm vetting my enemies getting ready to wreck MC's
And yes I'm the best detective, I'ma lock 'em in Arkham
It's deadly to mess with me, I'm impressively heavy, see
Better never forget I'm a spectre haunting the darkness
Track Name: Meditation Therapy
[Verse 1]
I never thought I'd make it up to play up in a stadium, stay with negativity and an abrasive tongue
I never thought I'd say it but the pain is sung, and I been getting way better than I ever was
I live it up in the spirit of music, "Who's this?" New shit I've brewed for you humans
Because I've been in the mood for a movement, dude with the tunes'll let loose, but you kids
Are uneasy I aint come up from the ghetto, calling me a Joker like Romero
So im also Jack, Heath, Hamill, and Leto, you bet I'm mentally committed to the fellow, "hello"
And I've seldom been a little bit of mellow, darling Harley's stalking as she's walking in stilettos
Talking bout how awfully I maul a beat and tempo, taunting all of Gotham off in Arkham in my cell closed, hell no
Trap and cage the beast? What would that make me? Some insane and deranged fickle faded freak
Through my grated teeth, believe I'll slay the beat, and then I'll make believe I'm the half asian Jesus, please
Viral like I'm Slim? I ain't even tryna be kind of the likes of him
All I want in life is a rhyme and so I'ma spit, silent silence, goodnight I'll cue the violin

I never let up in a session, everything I said's how I lessen how my head spins
I'll never regret an admission, this is my vision of fixing my misprint

This is my therapy
I've spoken all that I care to leave
This is my therapy
To those of y'all who would dare to breathe

[Verse 2]
I aim to be stable while painting this fable inside of my head
My cranium's sane but it's tainted with pain and that's why I'm a mess
I can tell I'm irrelevant, yelling, I'll elevate higher than stress
I've sheltered myself from the elements, healthiest scribe with the pen, yes
I bet I'll never get a better outlet, sound's in a mix, now I'm rich cuz I found it
But I ain't talking tallies or my balance in accounts, it's the wealth in myself, get it? It's talent
Bouncing around in a beat keeps me grounded, it's astounding how loud I can pound hits
Shout hiss and growl, out with a howl, listen now as I bow chicka bow wow, bitch
Why'd I leave the keys up on the table? Cuz I ain't gonna leave this couch no more
Why'd I let the beast up out the stable? Cuz I been going freakshow, it's how I roll
Never let 'em tell you how to deal with it, cuz then it's going to keep going down that road
Everybody's mental when you're feeling it, so ima keep my vocals in the sound, that's hope